About AIFA

All India Farmers Alliance is an umbrella forum representing several grass root farmers organizations, Cooperatives, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), Self Help Groups and other farmers’ bodies, united for a common cause of farmers welfare. These groups seek to ameliorate farm debts, farm crisis, poverty, and low crop prices by educating and mobilizing farmers on the vital issues. The critical role of National Farmer’s Alliance is to engage in policy debate at national and state level with concerned agencies and stakeholders including the Governments.

Despite the rapid economic development spurred in no less measure by large scale increase in farm productivity, the plight of Indian farmer continues to be dismal. Unreasonable support prices for the farm produce coupled with high input costs and productivity issues exacerbated by rapid climate change renders farming as highly unremunerative at least for the small and marginal farmers who constitute the bulk of Indian farming community. Large number of regional, state, national and even local level representative bodies have been raising their serious concerns over the severe distress of the farmers seeking redressal but without any significant impact. It is in this context that the need for a unified representative forum of such organizations was felt so as to have a united voice of Indian farming community at the national level. To meet this critical necessity, all these more than 44 farmer organizations have come under the umbrella of All India Farmers Alliance (AIFA) with its affiliation to the Indian Council of Food and Agriculture (ICFA). The Central Executive Board of AIFA has a National Convener supported by four Regional Coordinators representing important zones of the country. In addition, to dynamically connect the farmers with other stakeholders for effective redressal of issues in a systematic manner, AIFA has its coordination committees at national, state, district, regional as well as international levels.