Work Focus

  • Farmers mobilization from bottom up for convergence at national level in the shape of united farmers voice.
  • Remunerative support prices for all farm produce in acceptance of Swaminathan commission recommendations
  • Mobilizing all required participatory forces including for policy interventions for realizing Hon’ble Prime Minister’s cherished goal of doubling farmers income by 2022.
  • Subsidized farm input prices.
  • Access to easy loans with deferred repayment and waivers on uniform yardstick on eventualities like natural calamities, crop failure and other contingences.
  • Dissemination and sharing of all farm related knowledge among farmers at large through ICT portals, community help, cooperatives and Self-Help groups across the country.
  • Developing, evolving and maintaining countrywide credible data on major farm related issues in support of critical grievances.
  • Evolving and sustaining completely non agitational, consultative participatory, inclusive, democratic yet credible and assertive approach for redressal of issues.