Indian Council of Food and Agriculture is a national level platform in India with a mandate for policy research, advocacy and enterprise development in food and agriculture sector. Besides, ICFA is engaged in business and trade facilitation, farm services and providing a platform for global partnerships. It emerged out of the long felt need for a comprehensive approach to address issues in food and agriculture sector and tapping of emerging global business opportunities overcoming compartmentalized approach and absence of coordination and dialogue among various stake-holders. Currently in India, various stakeholders in the food and agriculture sector like the national and state governments, policy makers, research and academic bodies, extension agencies, value addition industry, NGOs, financial bodies, developmental institutions and farmers groups think in silos, often with contradictory approaches for the same ultimate cause. ICFA aims to foster convergence and greater communication between different stakeholders and work towards bringing India aggressively into the loop of global trade and commerce. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, ICFA has drawn in the vast experience and expertise of a number of professionals cutting across various subsectors in the food and agriculture sector and has constituted a number of working groups and national councils to represent the interests of various stakeholders. It has also incorporated several state specific working groups. Welfare of the Indian farmer in terms of making farming remunerative, optimizing farmer incomes, strengthening farmers connect to easy credit, technology, trade, market and industry including through policy advocacy on all farm related issues constitute one of the core concerns of ICFA. The redressal of perpetual agrarian distress would require proactive, progressive, democratic and peaceful mobilization of farmers for assertion of their genuine concerns and issues to all the concerned.

Major Participating Bodies

  • Rashtriya Kisan Sangathan
  • Bhartiya Kishak Samaj
  • Bhartiya Kisan Union
  • Vegetable Grower Association of India
  • Confederation of Indian Horticulture
  • International Farmers Alliance
  • Maa Danteswari Kisan Sangathan
  • Kisan Clubs
  • Progressive Dairy Farmers Association
  • Maha Farmers Producer Organization
  • Strawberry Grower Association of India
  • Apple Grower Associations
  • Cooperatives and Kisan Clubs
  • All India Aromatic Medicinal Plants
  • Litchi Grower Association of India
  • National Guava Grower Association
  • National Coconut Growers Federation
  • Central Herbal Agro Marketing